Software Solutions


Modern business users consider the ability to interact with customers, employees, assets, products, and other businesses in real time, anytime, and from any location. They expect to pay as they say, virtually be there, and essentially get all tasks done in micro moments. Mobile Centric Digital Transformation has become the defining enterprise mobility catalyst. However, to capture the real value of mobile, organizations need a mobile-first-mobile-must strategy that can foster professional efficiency, business enablement, and collaboration.
Our Mobility services enable enterprise wide mobile-must approach that enhances customer experiences across all touchpoints. We offer following solutions in Mobility Services :

Application Development
Developing and maintaining the high performing mobile application and modernization of old applications.
  • Personalization, Information/Content oriented apps
  • Community, Engagement, Marketing, and Loyalty apps
  • Transactions/Commerce Apps
  • Integrated Smart Enterprise Apps
  • Business Vertical Focused Apps
  • Productivity and Workflow Apps

  • Roadmap and Strategy
    Developing and maintaining the high performing mobile application and modernization of old applications.
  • Mobility Strategy Assessment
  • Advisory for enterprises
  • Architecture Assessment and Definition
  • Mobile Technology Evaluation, Strategy, and Consulting

  • Integration
    Access multiple solutions from a single platform to transform operational efficiency.
  • Payment Gateways (Online/Offline)
  • IoT & Connected Devices
  • CMS/Rich Media Servers
  • Legacy Systems/ CRM
  • Social Media

  • Efficiency Enhancement
    Enhance workplace productivity through process improvement and efficiency.
  • Mobile Analytics – Interpretation & add business value
  • Offline enablement
  • Security

  • Application Development

    Application development is another area where we help the businesses with solutions that are capable of performing across different platforms.
    We at Geneka Technologies provide following services in application development.

  • Web Applications and Support
  • Windows Applications and Support
  • Database Design, Installation, Upgradation & Management
  • Middleware application development

  • Open Source Customizations & Upgradations

    As the open source software development is steadily getting better, the development of the application based on this Open standard free software is catching the attention of many software analysts and consultants.

    Geneka Technologies puts full trust on the open-source community. The open source code based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by us. We have developed e-Commerce frameworks based on the software environments like PHP and PostgreSQL.
    We offer open source customization services for following tools

  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • TYPO3
  • Shopify
  • Shopware

  • Support Contracts

    We value the long terms relationships with our clients and as part of this, we undertake maintenance and support contract for our customers.
    Our company offers affordable maintenance, back-up and service redesign, content updates, support via telephone, e-mail, repair and alteration of existing web pages to keep your website updated. We have specialized skill sets and dedicated team with requisite assessment, integration and management knowledge for effective and accurate maintenance solutions.